Beauty Consultations

Learn everything you need to know about skin care, make-up, and you.

I'm not just a one-time Make-up Artist; consider me your full-time makeup consultant.
I love to educate people: share with them the thing things I've learned, see them gain confidence, and begin to experiment.
I teach women how to DIY, so that they can look gorgeous EVERY day.


What to Expect

Consultations are a 2-hour educational session.
We review your current skin-care regiment, the cosmetics you use, and your comfort and level of application.
Once I know where you're at, I'm able to give the guidance you need.


Skin-care Regiment Review

The easiest way to look your best, is to have a beautiful foundation. Take care of your skin! The first part of your beauty consultation will be to review your current skin-care regiment. Let's talk about cleansers, exfoliating, moisturizer and cleansing. If there are gaps in your current regiment, I'll be able to offer education, advice, and suggest alterations that will help you to nourish and care for your skin.


Cosmetics Review

I am not going to sell you makeup. I am a Make-up Artist...not a multi-level marketing sales rep. What I will do, is review the makeup YOU use. From foundation to shadows to brushes, we'll be looking at the supplies and tools currently rattling around in your makeup drawer. I'll provide educational information on tools and various cosmetics, making suggestions based on your personal beauty needs and goals.



The final phase of our consultation will be to learn application. Having an expensive, fancy eyeliner doesn't help if you don't know how to apply it.

Based on your current skill level and makeup goals, I'll teach you how to get the look you want with the cosmetics you have on-hand.

Ready to Start

If you're ready to learn how to look your best everyday, then it's time to book your consultation.

I'm an on-demand Make-up Artist, which means I come to you!
Consultations will be done in the comfort, convenience, and privacy of your own home.
I'm also available for group consults and/or seminars!